Heart of Yoga: One-Day Retreat

This October, Craig Buchanan and I, welcome you to join us on the beautiful shores of Loch Lomond for this
very special 1-day wellness retreat.

Yoga is not what you think…

The diverse and ancient practises of yoga share a common aim; to transcend the everyday mind by going beyond the ‘small self’, to unite with something bigger and far more mysterious than ‘us’. But what does this mean in practice?

This is a practical posture and movement based day that will take your mind to a place where healing can begin. Firstly, you will take time unravel your busy mind and expand your awareness, from this you will use yoga to go beyond identification with your mind and body. Taking your consciousness into the space and energy within and around you, the heart of yoga will be experienced…


Heart of Yoga: a one-day wellness retreat with Craig Buchanan & Kirsty Innes
20 October 2019, 10am-4:15pm | Millenium Hall, Church Road, Gartocharn, G83NF
£70pp (lunch + refreshments included)
Bookings essential: email craig@insideyoga.net or text 0750 235 4125 to reserve your spot