Honouring the Cycle

Honouring the Cycle –  a Yoga and Menstrual Health Workshop for Women
Saturday 24th November, 10:30am-3:00pm

How might it have been different for you if, on your first menstrual day, your mother had given you a bouquet of flowers and taken you to lunch, and then the two of you had gone to meet your father at the jeweller’s, where your ears were pierced, and your father bought you your first pair of earrings, and then you went with a few of your friends and your mother’s friends to get your first lip colouring; and then you went,
   for the very first time,
     to the Women’s lodge
       to learn the wisdom of women?
          How might your life be different?
                                                               Judith Duerk, Circle of Stones

We can reclaim the wisdom of the menstrual cycle by tuning in to our cyclic nature and celebrating it as a source of our female power. The ebb and flow of dreams, creativity and hormones associated with different phases of the cycle offer us a profound opportunity to deepen our connection with our selves.

This workshop combines knowledge of female anatomy and physiology with gentle yoga and movement practices, to offer fresh perspectives, new understandings and an appreciation of the healing power of yoga as therapy to support healthy menstruation and relationship with ourselves.

Over the course of the workshop, we will explore a range of topics and tools to support women through the various ages and stages of their cycles, including:

  • the four distinct phases of the menstrual cycle and how to work in harmony with the unique qualities of each phase
  • the science of the menstrual cycle
  • ways to restore your connection to your own monthly cycle
  • therapeutic yoga poses and sequences for each phase of the menstrual cycle – specific poses to help alleviate the pain and discomfort of menstrual disorders will also be offered
  • nourishing self-care practices for women
  • ways to successfully balance a busy lifestyle and your body’s needs

There is also opportunity for discussion and sharing on topics related to yoga and menstrual health.

Open to all women from menarche to menopause, Honouring the Cycle is for women who want to better understand their body and it’s unique cycles.

Saturday 24th November, 10:30am-3:00pm
SoHo Yoga, Fortitude Valley
Investment: $120 (includes detailed handouts and delicious cycle-supporting refreshments)
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About your facilitator:  Kirsty Innes
Kirsty is an experienced and qualified Yoga teacher whose classes and workshops are supportive, insightful and deeply nourishing. Having experienced the healing effects of this practice first hand, Kirsty is inspired to share Yoga to enhance awareness of breath, movement and conscious rest in everyday life. Specialising in Women’s Health, she runs dedicated therapeutic sessions in Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth, Women’s Health, and Restorative Yoga . Kirsty is extremely grateful to have studied and worked with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable teachers in Women’s Health and Yoga. In 2007 she completed her 500-hour Yoga teaching certification with Kate Pell before deepening her studies in safe and intrinsically-guided Yoga practices with Donna Farhi who she continues to work with each year. Kirsty has also completed extensive specialised training in Yoga Nidra, Women’s Yoga (Womb Yoga), and Pre & Post Natal Yoga with Uma-Dinsmore Tuli (UK, 2015/2016) and Restorative Yoga with Judith Lasater (UK, 2016). She draws inspiration from each of these wonderful teachers as well as her students, nature and the wisdom of her own body and heart.