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Kirsty’s restorative sessions are an absolute must. I walk into the class with stress from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, but by the second pose, with Kirsty’s beautiful words, relaxation seeps into every nook and cranny. I re-enter the hectic world but retain my relaxed state of being for days. ” – Andrea C., Bulimba 

“Thankyou very much for the class this morning. I loved it! Kirsty was wonderful. I left feeling invigorated. I do think I would benefit from doing this class every week… please book me in!” – Tonya T., Bulimba 

“Kirsty’s yoga and vision board workshop was an incredibly nourishing and reflective experience. Having previously benefitted from yoga practice with Kirsty, I was keen to participate in her workshop, knowing it would be a gentle yet deeply holistic experience. It more than lived up to my expectations. Kirsty’s balance of nurturing yoga, reflection activities for both past and future, and vision board construction were infused with a common theme of acceptance and self-worth. Kirsty has a lovely manner that quickly sets you at ease. Her instructions are easy to understand and she shows a great ability to address individual needs while still working with us as a group. Kirsty’s knowledge and skill set extend beyond yoga and I really enjoy the way she incorporates different areas of expertise into one holistic experience. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend her workshops or yoga classes to anyone and look forward to working with her again in future.” – Chanelle G., Morningside 

“Kirsty is a wonderful teacher whose skills and wide knowledge in the area of Restorative Yoga is accompanied by her energy of calm, warm wisdom and heartfelt intention to share those skills and experience in the interests of healing. Her restoratives classes are beautifully structured and paced to provide healing and deep connection within the whole body. I always leave Kirsty’s classes feeling more than restored – I feel connected to my own innate healing power and inner harmony. She is a gifted teacher and a very special soul.” – Alison P., Bulimba 

” I took my mum to a Restorative Yoga Retreat this afternoon run by Kirsty Innes. What an amazing experience. It was so wonderful! I loved every minute of it and mum did too. Thank you for introducing me to this world Kirsty. Can’t recommend Kirsty’s class enough. It was a beautiful experience. x”Danielle B., Everton Park 

“Thanks so much for the very relaxing reiki sessions. I appreciate you being punctual and very professional. I love that you bring reiki to my own apartment and that I can rest right afterwards in my own bed and I don’t have to worry about driving home. The reiki sessions are incredibly relaxing and I love to hear your comments after the session as I find it insightful and inspiring. After the reiki sessions, there is always a beautiful surprise and this can be pure contentment or a burst of creativity. I am very blessed that my friend recommended you and that I am now having continuous reiki sessions with you.” – Aida C., Highgate Hill