Yoga + Wellbeing Offerings

Restorative Yoga Afternoon Retreat
Monthly on Sunday Afternoons
Upcoming Sessions:
* Sunday 14th October, 2-4pm @ SoHo Yoga, Ascot
* Sunday 4th November, 2-4pm @ SoHo Yoga, Ascot

Restorative Yoga is a powerful practice to deeply rest and restore the mind and body. Classical yoga postures are practiced completely supported  by blankets and bolsters. This delightful 2-hour session is a positive antidote to high levels of stress and fatigue and will leave you feeling well-rested and rejuvenated for the week ahead.
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Special Event: Yoga Class for Women with Endometriosis 
Hosted by QENDO (Endometriosis Association QLD)
Sunday 30th September, 10:30am-11:45am @ Inna Bliss Yoga, Camp Hill

Join Kirsty Innes and the QENDO team for this therapeutic yoga class designed specifically for women with endometriosis. Kirsty will share her simple four-step process for honouring the cycle both on and off the mat and offer therapeutic poses for the common symptoms associated with endometriosis. No previous yoga experience required.

For bookings, visit the QENDO website.
For yoga-related questions relating to this workshop, contact Kirsty Innes

Honouring the Cycle: A Yoga & Menstrual Health Workshop

Saturday 24th November, 10:30am-3:00pm @ SoHo Yoga, Fortitude Valley

We can reclaim the wisdom of the menstrual cycle by tuning in to our cyclic nature and celebrating it as a source of our female power. The ebb and flow of dreams, creativity and hormones associated with different phases of the cycle offer us a profound opportunity to deepen our connection with our selves.

This workshop combines knowledge of female anatomy and physiology with gentle movement practices, to offer fresh perspectives, new understandings and an appreciation of the healing power of yoga as therapy to support healthy menstruation and relationship with ourselves.
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Moving from the Core: a Yoga intensive with Donna Farhi
21st – 25th September 2018
Gold Coast, Australia

Yoga Sutra III:29: 
“Concentrated attention on the primordial navel centre brings understanding of all bodily systems.”

In both Western and Eastern traditions the center of gravity within the pelvis is considered the calibrating keystone for organizing the entire body.  Sometimes referred to as the hara, dantien or the deep navel center, refining the position of the navel center gives us the ability to both release and contain the energy that moves through the pelvis.  Building mastery of the core body, can lead to much more than the attainment of physical strength.  Learning to center ourselves is the key to developing energetic groundedness, calmness of mind and emotions, and a deep feeling of connectedness to Life. <<read more>>

Private Therapeutic Yoga Session

Kirsty’s private one-to-one Yoga sessions can be held in the comfort of your own home, making them a wonderful option for students with low energy and/or mobility or a busy lifestyle. The major benefit of having your own private Yoga sessions is that the practice is fully tailored to your individual needs, the way Yoga was traditionally taught. Yoga is for everybody but every body is different.  Private sessions offer the personalised instruction necessary to develop a greater understanding of Yoga and its many benefits for you including stress reduction, optimising your health, fine tuning your practice and deepening your connection with your breath and body. Kirsty will work with you to create a practice that best serves you. These sessions are especially useful for those seeking specific support for issues such as:
* stress and/or anxiety
* fatigue
* Women’s health issues including irregular menstrual cycles, painful periods, endometriosis, infertility
* difficulty sleeping

Mindfulness-Based Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Module
with Kirsty Innes & Tammy Williams (Founder of Yoga NRG + Mindfulness Training Australia)
February 2019
Sunshine Coast, Australia

This comprehensive Teacher Training module offers study and practice of:
* Physiology of relaxation & the autonomic nervous system
* Pranayama for restorative yoga
* Relaxation skills /tools
* Key restorative poses & their therapeutic applications & contraindications
* Mindfulness-based teaching methods
* Sequencing & transitions
* Skilful touch & adjustments

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