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What are YOU saying YES to?

“It takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol.” ~ Brene Brown 

I love how a new year holds so much possibility. It’s a clean slate, a fresh start, a new chapter to be filled with whatever we choose. Yes, there will always be responsibilities and routines in life, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep doing things in the same old way.

In our Rest.Restore.Renew: Yoga & Actualisation workshop last week, participants were offered an opportunity to co-create the script for 2019. We took time to acknowledge what was learnt in 2018 in order to step into the new year with awareness and intention – a powerful combination!

When tuning into how they’d like this fresh new year to feel, these wonderful women shared:

“This year I will nourish myself by spending quality time with each of my family members.”
“I will recharge my batteries by enjoying regular walks in nature.”
“I will release my attachment to being busy!”
“I will say yes to rest.”

How often rest beckons yet we resist! It seems that now, more than ever, we need gentle reminders that we are human beings, not human doings.

This year, I too am making a personal commitment to slowing down and un-filling my life in order to create space for rest, spontaneity and play.

27 days into the new year, this has meant:

  • several visits to Mount Glorious and other beautiful nature parks around Brisbane – sharing precious time with friends and family members.
  • I’ve finally(!) downloaded Spotify and rediscovered the joy of soul-nourishing tunes and spontaneous lounge room dance sessions.
  • an extra-long restorative savasana to end each day.
  • a renewed sense of joy in the every day!

So, tell me

  • how will you nourish yourself?
  • how will you recharge your batteries?
  • what will you say YES to? What will you say NO to?

I’d love to hear your responses over on Instagram.

Scroll down to find my upcoming offerings to nourish and recharge your batteries as we move into February and beyond.

Upcoming Offerings:

  • I’m offering just three more Restorative Yoga Afternoon Retreats in Brisbane before my UK & Europe Tour. These sessions will be held at the brand new SoHo Yoga, Grange studio. Choose your date (or dates) and book online early to avoid disappointment.
    Sunday 3rd February, 2-4pm *FULLY BOOKED – email to join wait list*
    Sunday 3rd March, 2-4pm *filling fast*
    Sunday 31st March, 2-4pm
  • I’m teaming up with Yoga-NRG Founder, Tammy Williams, to offer Mindfulness-based Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Module on the Sunshine Coast, 8th-10th February, 2019. This is an opportunity for those wishing to dive deeper into the practice of restorative yoga or learn the skills and techniques to share it with others. *FULLY BOOKED – email to join wait list*
  • a truly nourishing Yoga + Walking Retreat in the stunning Scottish Highlands.
  • private therapeutic yoga sessions.

I hope you find something here that aligns with what you’re creating for yourself in 2019.

Have a wonderful rest of the month and I look forward to seeing you on (or off) the mat soon.

Kirsty x