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Donna Farhi: Yoga for Lower Back Pain Mini Video Tutorials

Donna has recorded an introductory ten-part tutorial series to introduce the main concepts in her longer online course Keys to Sacroiliac Stability and Ease and Movement. These 5-12 minute video tutorials will be released one every 2 days from 16 May until 03 June. Click on the link below to learn more, and subscribe now to gain complimentary access to over an hour of teaching, and feel free to share these videos with colleagues and student

This last year gave Donna unique insights into the challenges faced when the sacroiliac joints are unstable. Like many yoga practitioners, she has suffered from intermittent SIJ issues, but she had largely resolved these through the strengthening activities of horse riding for two decades. Last year she had a bad fall which fractured her pelvis in two places leaving her with debilitating hypermobility in her left SIJ. The long process of rehabilitation has proven to her that it is possible to heal and restore sacroiliac stability.

Although this personal perspective is new, instability and discomfort in the sacroiliac joints (SIJ) is commonplace throughout our community and is getting worse with the current emphasis on extreme range-of-motion. Teaching around the world over the last three decades, she has witnessed how frequent SIJ problems are. Varying from chronic low-grade discomfort to debilitating pain without respite, SIJ issues are often resistant to standard interventions. But her experience has renewed her confidence that gentle Yoga therapy can be an effective strategy for recovery.

Earlier this year she designed a course, based on her extensive research and robust evidence, to help Yoga teachers and their students to learn how to prevent sacroiliac problems and also how to restore stability and ease when function has been compromised. She believes we have an obligation as teachers to be better informed and equipped to prevent this unnecessary suffering.

The videos can be accessed here.