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Full Moon Ritual


The Full moon has arrived. Each month, the full moon shines light into our inner world, inviting us to tap into our feelings, intuition, knowing and alignment, while gently reminding us of the power of surrender and release. Below is a beautiful Full Moon Meditation Ritual from Raelene Byrne, which can be done under the full moon’s rays to cleanse, calm and clear the mind.

Full Moon Ritual

Find a quiet place to be with yourself.

Take a few deep breaths to cleanse and clear.

Scan the area you are situated in, take in all the details, and have gratitude for what you have created in your physical world.  Remembering if you can create, you can uncreate.

Close your eyes and just feel the ease of the breath as it flows in and out of your body.

Connect to the earth beneath your feet and then connect with the moon above.

Breath into your heart space a few times then connect with the moon and ‘intend’ you are bringing that moonbeam straight into your heart. Breath with this energy for a few moments.

As you intend, imagine or visualise this moon energy filling your heart space, allow it to expand with each breath, until you ‘know’ or have intended you are sitting in a huge bubble of moonlight energy. All your energy bodies are being lit up, your physical body is full of this light.

As you sit in this, surrender to it, and give permission for any and all things that no longer align or have purpose to dissolve.  Feel or see this bubble expand and constrict with each breath you take.

Patiently and lovingly, stay in this light filled bubble for a few moments. Allow the moon rays to cleanse, clear, calm your monkey mind.

If you are ready for a new start, a new direction, a new purpose, then in this time, ask your soul/spirit to help you have awareness of any other ‘unknown’ limitations still hidden, to be offered to the light of surrender, to be dissolved. You may not be shown exactly what it is, but you will feel something shift.

Once that is done, TRUST yourself, you will feel it, take a breath and imagine/intend that bubble of moon light to shrink back to your heart space. See the connection from your heart to the moon through this ray of support. Visualise that ray of light between your heart and moon for a few more breaths. Offer gratitude and thanks, then disconnect.

Keep your eyes closed for a few moments to have full awareness in your body

When you open your eyes, if you feel the need, write down whatever you want to release to this moon cycle. Burn the paper, be safe with this and cast the ashes wherever you feel is important for you. Freedom arises when we let go.

Happy full moon.

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Kirsty Innes x