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Newmains United Football Club Do Yoga!

How does your yoga practice support you in your every day life?

One of the greatest gifts of yoga is that it can can be adapted to suit any body and used for so many different purposes!

When working with clients, whether individuals or groups, my aim is to help them build a toolbox of practices which will support them through the physical and mental demands of their every day life.

For the the guys at Newmains United Football Club this meant developing acute body awareness and mental focus for those intense moments on the field. Their unique program worked on building strength and stability in all of the muscle groups while finding softness in areas of tightness, such as the hips which can often become tight through players repetitive end-range movements.

Watch the video to hear what the players had to say about their yoga program.

Film work: Jack Hunter and Elizabeth j brown photography
Editing: Jack Hunter

Newmains United Football Club

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